Fecin Cepillería Industrial started out as manufacturers of metal brushes more than 50 years ago. Since then it has become a sector leader, to a large extent, thanks to the development process that it has carried out.

During those years great changes have been made, which have led to progress in terms of service and products offered. Furthermore, the search for quality and customer satisfaction has become primary objectives.

One of the main drivers of change has been constant innovation, in both the production processes and personnel, which is composed of high technology and excellent qualified professionals. For these reasons, Fecin Cepillería Industrial’s products have a strong presence in national as well as international markets due to their exports to more than 70 countries.


Because we are a team that fits together perfectly, we know how to assess and bring together technical and human
issues: work well done, the environment, close at hand, personal attention, family friendly.

All this results in: TOTAL QUALITY.

Our Quality Sistem has been certified by Lloyd’s Register through its Certificate No. 1199208,which proves our accomplishment with the requirements of the Standard ISO 9001:2015