In 2012, FECIN Cepillería Industrial celebrated its 50th anniversary from its founding in 1962.

Remember that in 2012, on the occasion of the celebration, our company produced a brochure which made reference to significant events that took place in that already far-off year of 1962: the three orbits around our planet by the North American astronaut, John H. Glen, on board the Mercury, Friendship 7; the live transmission of images for the first time by means of a satellite between North America and Europe; the release of the first single of the young British group, “The Beatles”; and the launch of the then revolutionary Second Vatican Council.

Interestingly, FECIN was founded in that same year.

Its founder, José Endeiza, my maternal grandfather, was a man with three important and essential virtues for all businessmen: he wasn’t afraid of work, he had confidence in what he was doing; and lastly, he knew how to continuously adapt to new times, to new products and new technologies.

This has been precisely the key that has guided the next two generations to being what we are today: first that of my parents, Lourdes Endeiza y Jose Ignacio Iparraguirre; and today, after many years, mine.

Thanks to them, to what we learned from those who went before us and the continuous adaptation to new technologies, we feel proud of the excellent quality of our products.

And, also, thanks to all this, FECIN is today, with the experience of three generations, one of the largest Spanish companies in the metal brush sector, with our brand being present in more than 50 countries around the world.

Humbly,  we are a brand that conveys confidence.

Amaia Iparraguirre Endeiza